15 minutes up, 45 seconds down! Watch me jump out of a plane at 12,000 ft above Queenstown, New Zealand with NZONE Skydive Queenstown.  Falling at 200kph! Arial views of one of the South Islands prettiest areas: the Remarkables mountain range, lakes, and snow-capped peaks!

For some reason, the thought of skydiving didn’t scare me at all.  The morning of I was fine, Adam dropped me off and I decided to upgrade my jump from 9,000ft to 12,000ft! Why not?

We took a ten-minute ride outside of Queenstown, where I would be suited up and off in a plane I go.  Once up high in the sky, I realized I had no other way down, and when it was my turn to roll out of the plane….I had no time to be scared!

Next thing I know I was jumping/falling/screaming down 12,000ft! It was awesome, still can’t believe I did it! I would highly recommend it, and if you’re scared of heights you should be fine.  Because like I said you won’t have time to be scared!

Watch this video on YouTube


Not a bad view if it were to be your last…

Have you ever sky dived? How high? Where at? Would love to hear all your stories!

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