We’ve had the opportunity to attend some of the most amazing festivals around the world. When we started planning our trip we did a lot of research to see if there were any unique festivals we could fit into our schedule. Some festivals were awesome, others were a bust, and some downright strange.

We made sure to be catch running with the bulls Nicaragua style which ended up being a drunken cowboy mess. Then there was the time Hannah got popped on by pigeons as we’re marching into the Batu Caves with 500,000 Hindus for Thaipusam festival in Kuala Lumpur. If we had to narrow it down to our favorite 3 festivals we’ve attended over the last 3 years of travel it would be easy!

Drinking Liters at Oktoberfest

Drinking beers at the original Oktoberfest in Munich Germany was a bucket list item for both of us, just slightly higher on Adam’s list. We both love beer festivals we’ve attended them across the USA (Milwaukee, Chicago, Brooklyn, Minneapolis), Canada, and now Oktoberfest.

We made sure to raise our fair share of liters of tasty German beers at Oktoberfest, however, we failed at eating a proper meal before & during the festival #Oktoberfestrookies next time we’ll follow our tips for a successful Oktoberfest.

We didn’t know quite what to expect because we had heard so many Oktoberfest myths we weren’t even sure if we’d get a table. We got a front-row table and were each a liter deep before noon. We can’t wait to attend this epic party again.

Celebrating Holi in India

Ahhh Holi festival in India. This is one of the most amazing festivals in the world and makes for gorgeous photos BUT we both agree we’ll never do it again. It’s one of those festivals once you do it you’ll never do it again.  The Holi festival is out of this world, we don’t even know how to begin to explain it.

Holi festival was always on our bucket list but we didn’t think we’d actually get to it on our trip. A month before the festival we got an opportunity to attend Holi and photograph it for a travel company. We accepted the assignment and made a 10-day trip out of India.

We both showed up in complete white outfits and by the time we got off our tuk-tuks, we both were covered head to toe in color. Locals were throwing color, some nicer than others. Some would literally shove a fistful into our ears/nose, I got a ton of attention as most women don’t go out on the streets for Holi I got grabbed by several men…I wrote girls guide to Holi festival to help fellow female travelers with Holi on their bucket list.

Oh, and my hair was stained pink for weeks after the Holi festival. Like we said it was an amazing festival and we are so happy we went but we won’t be needing to go again.

Ringing in the Thai New Year/Songkran Festival

We’ve actually attended this insane festival not once, but twice. We’ve managed to be in Chiang Mai Thailand, the best city to celebrate Songkran in all of Thailand, in 2014 & 2015. Songkran is basically the biggest squirt gun festival ever and it lasts 3+ days. Locals and tourists hit the streets armed with the biggest squirt guns & buckets.

If you happen to be in Thailand during April 13-15th be prepared to get wet. I celebrated my 30th birthday at Songkran, never thought I’d get a super soaker for my 30th birthday.

Have you attended any festivals around the world?

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