Did you know you get a free breast pump through insurance? I didn’t know either during my first pregnancy. Thankfully, friends told me! It’s super easy to find out which breast pumps your insurance covers. It takes less than a minute (okay, maybe two minutes if you aren’t the fastest typer). If you’re in a hurry, just Click here to see which insurance breast pump you qualify for.

I got my first free breast pump with insurance in November 2019 with my son and got my second breast pump with insurance in July 2021 with my daughter. I paid for the upgrade pump option during my second pregnancy, but there was a free breast pump option.

What information do you need to provide?

You’ll need to have your insurance card/information when inquiring about the breast pumps through insurance. If you use Aeroflow Breastpumps, it is super easy. You’ll just need to provide the following information:

NameDue dateBirthday datephone number & email so they can contact you regarding which free breast pumps your insurance offer and upgrade optionsStateZip codeInsurance provider nameMember number

Click here to see which insurance breast pump you qualify for. 

Here is a screenshot from Aeroflow Breastpumps. Once you fill out the information needed, they will contact your insurance company and do all that fun paperwork on your behalf. You’ll then be emailed a list of breast pumps covered under insurance and the amount due if any (there should be at least a few free breast pump options) and a few upgrade options. In my last pregnancy, I chose to do the $75 upgrade to the Spectra Synergy Gold because I already had the Spectra S2, which I got for free with my first pregnancy.

If you are in the market for a hands-free breast pump, I highly suggest the Elvie Stride (click here for my Elvie Stride review), which just launched through insurance. There are several insurance companies that are covering the Elvie Stride for free. Another awesome wearable breast pump is the Elvie pump. Here is my Elvie Stride vs Elvie Pump comparison article. I own both Elvie pumps and recommend them both. It really comes down to budget.

When will they ship your free breast pump?

This really varies based on insurance and the company. I always ordered my breast pump at 32 weeks pregnant, and they shipped it the next week. I have heard of some insurance companies waiting closer to the due date or after birth.

FAQ  when inquiring how to get a breast pump through an insurance company

Which breast pumps are free with insurance?

This will vary based on your insurance coverage. The most commonly covered free pumps are Spectra and Medela, with upgrade options for Elvie (the hands-free wearable breast pump).

Are all breast pumps free with insurance?

After the Affordable Care Act passed, most health insurance plans are required to cover breast pumps. Breastfeeding has such great benefits for both mother and child. Therefore, breast pumps qualify as durable medical equipment that is essential.

Can your doctor prescribe me a breast pump?

Yes, you may need your doctor to send over a breast pump prescription. I don’t recall having to do this with my first pregnancy, but I definitely had to the second time.

I just sent a message via Mychart to my doctor about where to send the breast pump prescription. My doctor did it within the day, no problem.

If you’ve already had your baby and haven’t gotten your free breast pump yet, don’t worry. You can still do it. Prescriptions can be written up to a year after your baby is born.

Where to order your free breast pump through insurance?

We suggest first checking out Aeroflow Breastpumps, and seeing if coverage is available through them. If not, you’ll have to call your insurance provider and see which durable medical goods companies you can get a breast pump.

When should you order your breast pump?

I ordered my breast pumps during my third trimester, 32 weeks to be exact, during my last pregnancy. Some insurance companies have a set time during the pregnancy in which they’ll approve breast pumps and will wait until them to approve the order. If you are working with Aeroflow, they will tell you when this is.

Free Spectra S2 breast pump. Make sure to buy a hands-free breast pumping bra. I have 2 of these ones and swear by them – click here.

Will the hospital give you a breast pump?

No, the hospital does not give our free breast pumps. The hospital will have breast pumps for you to use while you are in the hospital. My hospital had a Medela breast pump. They provided all the necessary tubing, flanges, bottles, nipples, etc. Make sure to take these home with you. They cannot be reused.

Does WIC give breast pumps?

Possibly you can get a breast pump through WIC. Just because you are on WIC, you do not automatically get a free breast pump. You will need to have a breastfeeding assessment done by the WIC nutritionist while at a WIC appointment.  Here is more information on WIC breast pumps in my state.

How many times can you get a free breast pump through insurance?

Every pregnancy, most women are entitled to a free breast pump through insurance under the Affordable Care Act. However, some insurance companies have rules on the time between each pregnancy. They often say it is a minimum of 18 months between issuing breast pumps.

I had my kids 20 months apart and got a free breast pump through insurance each time with no problems. I now have four breast pumps, two Spectra breast pumps from insurance, and two wearable breast pumps (Elvie Stride and Elvie pump).

Click Here To See If You Qualify For A FREE Elvie Stride Breast Pump


Best Hands-Free Pumping Bra – This is the bra I use when using my Spectra breast pump. If you don’t have something like this, you will have to hold the collection bottles with your hands the whole time.  It will work with any breast pump that has flanges. It is Medela brand but works fine with my Spectra breast pumps.Best Elvie Pumping Bra – I have tried a TON. For me, super tight ones work. If I am in a pinch, a sports bra will work.Best Bottle Drying Rack – It’s super cheap and compact. I have one in my suitcase for travel, two in my kitchen, and one at my cabin.Nipple Cream – Don’t forget to put this on every time! I have used all different brands, and they all have been fine. I just most recently bought the one linked there and really liked it.LaVie warming Lactation Massager – This thing warm & massages which helps improve milk flow and make pumping faster. It REALLY helps with clogged ducts and engorgement. I am speaking from a painful experience. I have two of these, but you can buy just one and switch sides.Breast pads – Again, any brand will work, I typically get this cheap brand from Target, and it does the job. NOTE I am not a big leaker.Hot & Cold therapy packs – For under $10, these are great because they can be thrown in the freezer for cool relief and put in the microwave to warm up your breasts. These really helped me when my milk first came in.Clogged Duct Relief – Legendairy Milk sunflower lecithin helped me and several friends loosen clogged ducts and then help prevent them. I took this daily after my first clogged duct.Help increase milk production – If you are struggling with your supply, I suggest trying Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold.Breast milk storage bags – I honestly haven’t had an issue with any other brands I’ve used. I like the price point of the Dr. Browns bags, so I buy them the most.Haaka – Yes, you really need one or two (I have two). Yes, they really work. When you get out of a hot shower and are leaking, you can just throw this on to catch the milk.Cheap Bottle Warmer – I have tried several, and this cheap one is my favorite. The Dr. Browns bottle warmer was terrible…Once you go to 100% formula, I cannot recommend the Baby Brezza enough. We love this thing. Now with baby number two, we have two of them, one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. Read our Baby Brezza Formula Pro review here.Sterilizer Bags – You’ll want these to sterilize new bottles, parts, pacifiers, etc. I also use them when traveling. There are cheap, and you can use each bag twenty times.

I would love to hear what your insurance covered and if you had to pay anything out of pocket for your breast pump.

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