Hey, where’s my T-shirt?

I thought I was supposed to get robbed, murdered, or at least stabbed!?!

Actually I felt quite the opposite. Granted we didn’t spend much time is San Pedro Sula (current murder capital of the world), or other major cities infamous for recent violence.

I am sure the stats are true, and parts of the country are dangerous, but you have to look at what the danger is focused on: Drugs

Are you as a tourist involved in the drug trade? No. Is it likely you will be involved in violence? Probably not. This isn’t a free pass to wander anywhere you please in total disregard, but with reasonable precautions you can partake in some of Honduras’s highlights in high confidence of a safe trip.


Seguro is the Spanish word for secure and you will see the signs all over the place in regards to transport, banks, just about anything. Another aspect that doesn’t really help the feeling of safety: Guns! They are present at every bank, immigration, checkpoint, and even bus stops. Not small guns either, even on the island of Utila (where I couldn’t have felt safer), the guards in front of the bank have AK-47’s – complete with banana clips…


If like us, you are concerned with the general safety in Honduras (somewhat unfounded, well maybe…) there are a few extra safe options for getting around. We took the Hedman Alas buses, every stop is secure, metal detectors, and the bus never stops on the way. It’s pricy, but not knowing what to expect we opted on the side of caution. Looking back we probably over paid by about $20, but for 8 hours of bus rides they were pretty comfy too!

Coming from Livingston, Guatemala we took the cheap bus and felt safe enough, even through San Pedro Sula. The biggest negative of cheaper lines is they stop along the way to pick up passengers from the street. They slow you down, and it opens you up to bad guys (theoretically) getting on.

Don’t miss out

We only scratched the surface on Honduras cause we listened a bit too much to the negative news.

Copan Ruins

We really liked our three nights in Copan staying at Don Udo’s Hotel & Restaurant. If we didn’t have a language school starting the following week, we probably would have stayed another few nights. There is a ton more to Copan than just the Ruins (which are impressive themselves) did you know there is a hot springs spa in the middle of the Jungle in Honduras? And if that’s not enough there is a German ex-pat with his own beer hall in town, brewing some tasty beers in true German style.

The Bay Islands

Rotan’s little brother: Utila, was recently rated as the #2 island you have never heard of, and long time favorite among divers in the know.

I got my PADI open water diver course done here and had some amazing dives on the north side of the island. The beautiful cayes on the west side of Utila are gems, set in shades of bright blue and green water.

Safety in developing countries, particularly Honduras, is ever changing please check current recommendations prior to planning your trip. This is only my opinion, and in no way can I be held responsible for you or your safety, so do your research!

Leaving Honduras I am not 100% sure what to think, cause I didn’t see even the slightest thing to be concerned about, but there has to be some truth to all this danger talk….

Have you been to Honduras? Did you feel safe?

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