When you hear the word “Israel,” what comes to mind? For me I thought Middle East, Jerusalem, religion, not safe, war zone, etc.

However, after visiting, I realize how wrong I was. Israel is so much more than I could have imagined. We recently went on a one-week trip with Puzzle Israel where we meet with locals and experienced the real Israel.

We went to places most tourists have ever heard of, and along the way we learned a ton facts about Israel. Here are a few Israel fun facts we learned on our Puzzle Israel tour.

Israel Has Amazing Wineries

In the middle of Negev Desert lies the winery Carmey Avdat Wines. This small family winery produces on average 6,000 bottles a year. Stop by for a wine tasting, or spend the weekend at the winery in one of their cabins click here for prices. Wine tasting 25 nis ($6) per person or free when purchasing a bottle. We spent 2 relaxing nights at Carmey Advat, explored the desert during the day and relaxed at the farm in the evenings.

Apartment Rental Contracts Canceled When the Messiah Arrives

Many Jerusalem apartment leases include the strange stipulation that if and when the Messiah comes, the lease is void and the tenants must move out. A clause you won’t find anywhere else in the world, but it does exist in Israel, just another Israel fun fact.

Jerusalem Is The Only City In The World That Has A City Specific Illness

Jerusalem syndrome is a mental phenomena, in which religious ideas, delusions, and other psychosis experiences happen after a visit to Jerusalem. Jerusalem syndrome has been known to affect all religions Muslims, Christian, Buddist, Jews, etc.

3 Kitchens To Keep Kosher

Some very religious Jewish families who follow strict religion laws can have up to 3 kitchens in their homes in order to keep kosher. One kitchen for dairy, one kitchen for meat, and another kitchen that is clean and sealed off and only used during the Passover holiday. Not to mention separate pots and pans for each kitchen. Those that don’t have a third kitchen must clean their other kitchen and purify it of any remaining bread crumbs, which is called removing Hametz.

Pig Farms On Platforms

That’s right the pig farmers in Israel (the very few there are) must keep their pigs several inches off the ground on wooden platforms in order to not touch the land.

You can receive incoming missile warnings via SMS

When visiting a family living right next to the wall of the Gaza strip they explained to us that one of the ways they receive warning about missiles headed their way is through text message on their phones. I am not sure if that’s impressive or just down right crazy.

Israel Has 137 Offical Beaches

Israel beaches are located on four different bodies of water: Mediterian Sea, Dead Sea, Red Sea, and the Sea of Galilee. Israel only has 273 kilometers of coastline and yet a ton of amazing beaches!

Israel’s National Airline El Al Set The World Record For Most Passengers On A Commercial Flight

With 1,088 passengers on board, El Al holds the Guinness book of world record for “Most Passengers On A Commercial Flight.” On May 24, 1991, operation Solomon was evacuating Ethiopian Jews from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia non-stop for 36 hours. The airline sent 34 jumbo jets with their seats removed, in order to fit the maximum amount of passengers. This is the craziest of all the Israel fun facts.

Have you been to Israel? Do you have any Israel fun facts to share, if so leave them below in the comments!

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