As I stop relaxing for a second to evaluate my surroundings, I realize that yes… I am an hour away from civilization… in the middle of a Honduran Jungle… in a hot spring spa.

The Jaguar Luna Hot springs are a self guided, natural spa. Geothermal heated water fills a series of pools to soak away all your stresses. The grounds are very nicely kept, with a variety of treatments and pools. There was several temperatures of pools the higher you went on the property the hotter the water. You could also walk through the circular shaped pedicure pond, where you step on polished stones in alternating hot and cold water.

Hot Spring pedi pool

The whole experience is ridiculously relaxing, I haven’t felt this relaxed since my last Thai Massage. I think my favorite part was the hydro massage, where water rolls off a ledge which you sit under and the stream rushes the tension out of your muscles.

Hydro Massage!

When in Rome (or Honduras)

Getting muddy! The sulfuric mud is supposed to be good for your skin

How often do you get a chance to smear on a mud mask and melt into a pool of volcanically heated water? I never take the time to relax when at home, and we have been moving pretty quick on the early part of this trip this is exactly what we needed! Whenever I’m back home from this trip I am making it a resolution to take more time out to relax!

The only minor problem is getting to the falls, like I said, it about an hour outside of Copan on a dirt road. If you like driving through the mountains as much as I do, then you will surely need to relax after the drive. Maybe it was the hot water or the hydro massage, but the ride back to town was much easier and I was not nearly as worried about rolling off the mountain in our off road Tuk-Tuk!

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