We love a good world’s largest something or other reason to get off the highway along the way on our #EpicUSroadtrip. Its not every day you see the world’s largest Holstein cow statue now is it? So of course, we had to pull off the road to check out this beauty of a statue. We couldn’t leave North Dakota without getting a selfie with Salem Sue herself.

Salem Sue, New Salem North Dakota

Traveling down Hwy 94 heading toward the Theodore Roosevelt National Park we spotted signs for Salem Sue. A quick check of our awesome Rand McNally road atlas and sure enough. New Salem, North Dakota made the map for their Salem Sue the World’s Largest Holstein Cow statue. As we approached New Salem on the highway we caught our first glimpse of Salem Sue herself propped high on a hill looking out onto the road. They weren’t lying, she’s pretty big.

As we approached the big beautiful black and white painted fiberglass beauty, something else caught our eyes. The base of the hill that Salem Sue calls home is filled with another thing that North Dakota is famous for, sunflowers.

For almost as far as the eye can see are fields filled with bright yellow. We had to take a short detour from our detour and some pictures of the pretty yellow field.

Once we finished with the sunflowers it was back to business. Up the hill, we went to see Sue. As big as she looks from the road, she looks even bigger standing under her larger than life utters!

But seriously the statue is 38 feet tall and 50 feet long and proudly puts the town of New Salem, North Dakota on the map.

Literally, it puts New Salem on the map. To make a nationally published major road atlas, I guess is a pretty big deal. For a part of the state that doesn’t have much in the way of tourism, I guess you have to make it up. It works I guess. While we were up checking out Sue people would come and go, but there was always someone up there with us. Sue isn’t the only draw to the area. Down the road, a bit lives the world’s largest tin family and a bunch of other large metal world’s largest things.

So next time you’re heading toward Theodore Roosevelt National (which I highly recommend you visit) take a few minutes and visit Salem Sue off of I-94 just before Dickinson, North Dakota.

What’s the quirkiest roadside attraction that has ever got you to pull off the road?

*Thanks to the North Dakota Tourism for inviting us to your great state*


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